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empleo en Alemania
Vietnamese trainees

In vietnamese educational centers, which collaborate with Ferrer-Personal, young vietnamese are learning uninterruptedly English with the aim to find a vocational training place.

Nursing, gastronomy and tourism among others, are the most requested training by the Vietnamese, so we can find apprentices for any vocational training that your company offers.

Those who obtain a confirmation (vocational training contract) from a company, our partners take care of the visa procedures before they travel to the United Kingdom.

In this way, social and labor integration is guaranteed, under optimal linguistic conditions.


We take care of:

• Language training up to B2 certificate.

• Processing of visa and work permit.


The company is responsible for:

• Employment vocational contract

• Provisional housing (minimum for 6 months)



For more information, call or write to your contact person:


Juan Luis Ferrer Martínez

Telephone: (+49) 07143 39413 00


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