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English classes for foreign workers


Through our collaboration with an international language academy, Ferrer-Personal coordinates English classes, specially designed for foreign workers, who are working in English companies or who are going to do it in a certain time.

These are interactive classes, online and live, which are taught by native teachers, with the help of a specialized pedagogical platform. We can give individual or group classes.

Your current workers and even your future workers won’t worry about finding the perfect academy according to their own preferences. They will be able to participate in the classes from home or from where they have a stable internet connection.

Tell us your personnel needs and with what level of English you want them to start working. We take care of the pre-selection and the complete linguistic training (for 9 months) until reaching level B2.

No matter when and with what level of English you take the workers to your company, the classes will continue until the ninth month. Your company does not pay anything for the pre-selection and / or processing, but only for the English classes.



For more information, call or write to your contact person:


Juan Luis Ferrer Martínez

Telephone: (+49) 07143 39413 00


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